Our digital marketing campaigns aim specifically at enhancing the artists' online visibility.

We are present on the most influential marketplaces, and regularly scan the web to identify new qualitative venues for artwork distribution.

We also monitor online art dictionaries, directories, and other informative websites in order to ensure that the artist is present (where relevant) and correctly represented.

Digital advertising campaigns.

Presence on Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social media.

Artists’ news pushed to influential online channels (bloggers, online specialised press, social media, etc.).

Online exhibitions.

Display and sell represented artists’ artwork on other reputable marketplaces.

E-reputation optimisation.

Up to Date Information

IdeelArt manages a selection of around 20 artwork visuals (minimum of 10) and ensures that the artist’s bio, CV and news are regularly updated on the platform.

Dedicated Content

Producing and publishing exclusive content (eg, interviews) relating to the artist on the platform (and in newsletters to clients).

Regularly Featured

Being featured (at IdeelArt's discretion) in various areas of the platform and on the homepage.

Virtual Exhibitions

Being showcased in innovative online 3D exhibitions.

Free artwork delivery is funded by IdeelArt.

Management of all payments and cash flows.

Management of all deliveries, worldwide.