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Viraj Mithani

A Heavenly Romance. 2019

Size: 152.0 x 126.0 cm

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A Mumbai native, Mithani, presents contemporary interpretations of ancient India’s texts and traditions. Referencing folk and religious myths, such as Lord Krishna, the Demon Mahishasura, and the ancient game Chaturanga, he creates imagery reminiscent of leaflets in books. Juxtaposing mythological and historical accounts of India with Western abstract traditions, most notably the influence of Matisse's paper cut-outs, Mithani brings these narratives to life through layers of bright and colorful marks. He reevaluates these myths from a contemporary perspective, examining their relevance in the present moment.
Viraj Mithani- Ganesha fighting the Demon Mahishasura, 2019. Detail


Viraj Mithani

Viraj Mithani- A Heavenly Romance, 2019. Detail

Viraj Mithani is an interdisciplinary artist and educator, whose artistic practice moves between painting, printmaking, and sculpture