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Matteo Cordero

Country Church of San Quintino (Frazione Cristo, Mondovì). 2022

Size: 80.0 x 100.0 cm

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The painting shows a small chapel near a country road in the area of Cristo, a part of the township of Mondovì in northern Italy. Cordero, who grew up in Mondovì until the age of 19, recalls his personal experiences through a new series of paintings capturing scenes of the historic city. For the artist, this landscape holds special meaning, invoking adolescent memories of the road he used to take to a local nightclub. 

Expressive brushstrokes create a sense of movement in the landscape, but an equilibrium is achieved through the well-defined thick outlines and plain colors, bringing stability to the dynamic elements on the canvas.


Matteo Cordero

Matteo Cordero is a contemporary Italian artist, whose principal medium is painting. His rich and colorful paintings are means of evading contemporary society, which result in surrealistic and imaginative environments.