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Evan Mendel

Invincible. 2021

Size: 121.0 x 76.2 cm

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In this portrait, Mendel explores the idea of emotional invincibility and the implications of this type of fortitude. The elongated figure exudes a confident and cool attitude, while marks like the words ‘again and again’ scrawled on top of the image hint at the repeated obstacles and problems she faces. Does this kind of invincibility require a cold attitude toward the world? Is it necessary to be detached and unbothered? Painting his main subject in tones of blue, the artist suggests that this perceived invincibility comes at the expense of vulnerability, ignoring the emotions of life and distracting oneself while navigating relationships and experiences. 

Evan Mendel- Crown, 2022. Detail


Evan Mendel

Evan Mendel- Lost and Found, 2022

Evan Mendel is a painter, muralist, and street artist, who pushes the boundaries of figurative art by experimenting with different modes of abstraction.