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Samira Saidi

Prayers To Myself #01. 2019

Size: 80.0 x 60.0 cm

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Limited edition set. Edition of 5.

The image was awarded the International Photography Award by the British Journal of Photography and received honorable mentions from the Creative Review and the International Photography Magazine. 

Prayers To Myself is a visual story depicting a different and more gentle approach toward religion, particularly Islam. Saidi redirects the focus towards a simple understanding of religion as a connective experience between body and nature. In a hostile environment, influenced by negative and charged discourse about Islam, Saidi produces majestic imagery that leads us to different discussions and understandings. Shifting attention from the social stigma and prejudices against Muslims, Saidi aims to offer a new perspective, which does not label Muslims as an extreme monolith as they are often depicted in the news. Instead, Muslims are presented as individuals expressing their own thoughts and spirituality.

Samira Saidi- Eco System of Healing #05, 2021


Samira Saidi

Samira Saidi- Eco System of Healing #04, 2021

Samira Saidi is an Afro-European woman of color, whose multidisciplinary practice aims to inspect and shift sociological structures of race, perceptions of belonging, and explores the dual nature of intersectional identity.