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Jesus Torio

Self-Portrait. 2018-2020

Size: 84.1 x 114.38 cm

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Limited set edition. Edition of 5+2AP.

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42x56.8cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €700; 

59.4x80.3cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €1,300

This photograph is part of Funny Lovers, a cinematographic series that relates to the misadventures of a man and his quest for love in the times of Tinder and hyper-communication. Through more than 80 images, each designed as a movie scene, we witness the main character's evolution through his reflections and encounters with other lonely souls. Entirely inspired by the magic of cinema, the series becomes an exercise in literature, philosophy, image-making, and self-portraiture. Influences of French, Italian, and Spanish cinema emerge through the thoughtful exploration of different media and the characteristical use of color and space.


Jesus Torio

Jesus Torio is an Andalusian visual artist and nurse, working in the medium of photography. His artistic practice is rooted in personal experiences, most notably his work as a nurse in a hospital word.