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Jesus Torio

The Believer. 2016-2020

Size: 81.8 x 118.9 cm

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Limited set edition. Edition of 5+2AP.

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40.5x59.4cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €700; 

59.4x82.3cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €1,300

The photograph belongs to the series Portraits, a collection of the different people the artist has photographed since he first started shooting with his analog camera in 2016. He got to know his subjects in order to make them feel comfortable and gain a better understanding of their personality. Through portraiture, he explored the temperament of his subjects, creating images that captured their spirit. 

Subsequently, the images are processed in Photoshop, printed, and hand-painted with watercolors. Finally, these are scanned once again and enhanced in Photoshop. The series engages in an interplay between different mediums, combining painting, photography, and digital techniques. Through this experimental approach, he finds the right balance that highlights the story and personality of his subjects.


Jesus Torio

Jesus Torio is an Andalusian visual artist and nurse, working in the medium of photography. His artistic practice is rooted in personal experiences, most notably his work as a nurse in a hospital word.