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Matteo Cordero

The Businessman. 2021

Size: 100.0 x 80.0 cm

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Cordero paints a portrait of a businessman, a self-referential figure, that represents an aspect of his persona that he struggles to fully connect with. Marked by his hat, suit and tie, the figure is a symbolic representation of a business-oriented, materialistic bourgeois society that dominates contemporary life. Dressed in a colorful suit, the businessman stares with a gaping mouth, yelling or grimacing, hinting at feelings of alienation and melancholy. For Cordero, the businessman is a reminder of the harsh reality that stands in opposition to the romanticized notion of an artist. The imaginary persona of the artist is a figure who acts on his creative impulses and is isolated from the market, societal conditions, and, to a certain extent, reality as a whole.


Matteo Cordero

Matteo Cordero is a contemporary Italian artist, whose principal medium is painting. His rich and colorful paintings are means of evading contemporary society, which result in surrealistic and imaginative environments.