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Matteo Cordero

The Cowboy with a Pistol. 2020

Size: 127.0 x 206.0 cm

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The Cowboy with a Pistol is the artist’s commentary on contemporary society in the U.S. As a central figure in American mythology, the cowboy has been a fixture in popular culture for decades, present in movies, television, books, advertisements, television, and music.

Cordero explores the symbol of the cowboy in the context of a society clinging to gun culture despite a steady rise in gun violence. He reframes the figure of the cowboy, typically associated with bravery, honor, and chivalry, as a happy-go-lucky character playfully holding his pistol. The cartoonish nature of the character and their joyful expression unmask a deep sense of complacency in American society. For Cordero, this complacency is evident through the spectacle at the center of gun culture and the consumerist society that defends the existence of this industry and business.


Matteo Cordero

Matteo Cordero is a contemporary Italian artist, whose principal medium is painting. His rich and colorful paintings are means of evading contemporary society, which result in surrealistic and imaginative environments.