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Matteo Cordero

The Crossroad. 2020

Size: 150.0 x 200.0 cm

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The Crossroad shows a figure with exaggerated, cartoonish  limbs in a dramatic landscape. Cordero embraces a naïve and childlike style with dynamic strokes of lively greens and blues and thick black outlines. He does not attempt to depict an accurate landscape, but instead focuses on capturing the emotional qualities that animate the natural elements. The simplicity of this expressionism is also the source of its power.

Although the artist presents an essentialized landscape, the scene recalls the artist’s background growing up in Northern Italy in Mondovì. The reaching out of the figure also elicits feelings of nostalgia, both for the simplicity of childhood as well as the purity of nature.


Matteo Cordero

Matteo Cordero is a contemporary Italian artist, whose principal medium is painting. His rich and colorful paintings are means of evading contemporary society, which result in surrealistic and imaginative environments.