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Matteo Cordero

The Sower in the Fields. 2020

Size: 127.0 x 206.0 cm

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The sower is a significant figure in Cordero’s body of work. In fact, the artist identifies with it, and the figure functions as a self-portrait in his paintings. For Cordero, the sower is a romantic figure of a worker, one who remains connected to nature and lives in harmony with his environment. 

The landscape, untouched by modernity, is a nostalgic and idealized depiction based on the artist’s childhood memories, who grew up in the Italian region of Piemonte. This dreamlike environment is the artist's response to the rampant urban development and the industrialization in Italy. Cordero centers himself in an imaginary world – unpolluted and immune to ecological disaster – that radiates joy and optimism.


Matteo Cordero

Matteo Cordero is a contemporary Italian artist, whose principal medium is painting. His rich and colorful paintings are means of evading contemporary society, which result in surrealistic and imaginative environments.