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Jesus Torio

The Waiting Room. 2020

Size: 84.1 x 118.1 cm

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Limited set edition. Edition of 5+2AP.

Contact for additional sizes: 

42x58.9cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €700; 

59.4x83.4cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €1,300

This photograph is part of an unfinished series, The Waiting Room, which Torio created days before the Covid-19 lockdown. The set was created in a flat to examine the loneliness of the characters. These photographs became symbols of isolation: the characters are trapped in a claustrophobic dream or a kind of nightmare, fantasizing about leaving or anticipating to recover their lives. 

Inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron, every image tells a different story inspired by a real event. Each deals with a different theme: love, desire, realization, madness, and more. Together, the photographs become short movie stills, describing the experience of being indoors during the lockdown.


Jesus Torio

Jesus Torio is an Andalusian visual artist and nurse, working in the medium of photography. His artistic practice is rooted in personal experiences, most notably his work as a nurse in a hospital word.