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Viraj Mithani

Untitled (Id. 201). 2017

Size: 76.2 x 55.8 cm

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Mithani investigates the relationship and the hierarchy between printmaking, painting, and drawing. This exploration of different media brings about ideas related to history, lost traditions (personal and universal), and the accelerated accession of digital technology. Amongst these phenomena, the constructed forms capture the permanence of constant change and evoke feelings of inevitable destruction. Indirectly, this fosters the advancement of different media in these rapidly changing times.
Viraj Mithani- Ganesha fighting the Demon Mahishasura, 2019. Detail


Viraj Mithani

Viraj Mithani- A Heavenly Romance, 2019. Detail

Viraj Mithani is an interdisciplinary artist and educator, whose artistic practice moves between painting, printmaking, and sculpture