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Jesus Torio

Into the Darkness. 2022

Size: 71.16 x 118.9 cm

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Limited set edition. Edition of 5+2AP.

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22.8x59.4cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €700; 

84.1x32.2cm, Edition of 5+2AP. Price €1,300

The photograph belongs to the series The Consequences of War, in which Torio tries to explore the psychological effect of war on individuals like himself, who were never directly impacted by these circumstances. Looking to his own traumatic experiences, fears, and nightmares, as well as references such as Francis Bacon’s painting Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, he reinterpreted his photographs through processes of manipulation and destruction. He began the process by using broken printers, photocopy machines, and scanners and later created new images in Photoshop. 

The deconstruction process leads to a transformation that embodies the artist’s feelings about the consequences of war. The result is abstract and confusing imagery, characterized by a color scheme associated with dark images of war. The visual story has an open message, exploring themes of war refugees, rendition, the transformation of a soldier into an object, the death of morals, and visceral fear. For the artist, the project began to represent his personal indignation and fear about the war in Ukraine and its global consequences. Thinking of the suffering that can befall anyone, The Consequences of War represent a deep desire to find peace.


Jesus Torio

Jesus Torio is an Andalusian visual artist and nurse, working in the medium of photography. His artistic practice is rooted in personal experiences, most notably his work as a nurse in a hospital word.