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Evan Mendel

Bumble Bee. 2016

Size: 121.0 x 121.0 cm

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This painting has special significance for the artist, since it came together in a powerful and swift outburst of creativity. The canvas was sitting unfinished in the artist’s studio for over a year, with Mendel struggling to figure out the direction for the painting. One day, he went into the studio with an overwhelming feeling that he needed to resolve this. In a frantic and emotionally charged moment, he proceeded to throw paint down onto the canvas, carving out a portrait from the abstraction of colors and marks. The result was powerful and sentimental, created through a spontaneous impulse that cannot be recreated.

Evan Mendel- Crown, 2022. Detail


Evan Mendel

Evan Mendel- Lost and Found, 2022

Evan Mendel is a painter, muralist, and street artist, who pushes the boundaries of figurative art by experimenting with different modes of abstraction.