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Daniel Arzola

Dios-tachino. 2022

Size: 48.0 x 33.0 cm

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Limited edition set. Edition of 25.

This work belongs to a recent series by Arzola called Carnal Deities. The inspiration behind the series relates to the artist’s upbringing in Venezuela. While Venezuela is predominantly Catholic, there is a growing presence of Santeria, a polytheistic religion that revolves around deities called oricha. Much like the gods of Greek mythology, the oricha can be preoccupied with carnal pleasures.

The appeal of Santeria led Arzola to create his own queer deities. “Dios-tachino” represents an addition to this new pantheon conceived by Arzola. This is a mischievous god that appears as a floating head adorned with a golden headdress. 


Daniel Arzola

Daniel Arzola is known for his bold and colorful illustrations, which represent a combination of his art and activism.