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Daniel Arzola

Moon Desire. 2020

Size: 48.0 x 33.0 cm

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Limited edition set. Edition of 25

Initially presented at the Amsterdam Queer and Migrant Festival in 2020, Moon Desire depicts a naked figure drinking from the moon on a dark Caribbean night. 

It closely relates to another work by Arzola Moon Absence. While in Moon Absence the figure is being impaled by the moon, here Arzola presents a happier and more optimistic outlook. For the artist, the work represents a reconciliation with one’s body and desire. The sensuality of the image, expressed through shades of pink and purple and curvy lines, signifies internal reconciliation and acceptance, achieved through shedding feelings of shame and stigma. 


Daniel Arzola

Daniel Arzola is known for his bold and colorful illustrations, which represent a combination of his art and activism.